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29.12.2018 News & Showphotos
2.12.2018 News & Showphotos, July Morning & Isis Albums
28.11.2018 Morning Glory & Morning Haze Albums updated
7.11.2018 New pics: Lotnik Stepowy Goniec
4.11.2018 News & Showphotos, Dazzling Lion Album
23.9.2018 News & Showphotos, Aurora.
11.9.2018 Fantik's albums updated
9.9.2018 Happy 1. Birthday to AUTUMN litter! Photoalbums updated, click their names! News updated
1.9.2018 New picture of our girls on Us page
29.8.2018 Happy 2. years Birthday to Ice litter! Photoalbums updated! ICE LITTER click their names.
28.8.2018 News & Showphotos, Red Head litters photos, Ice Edition
13.8.2018 Video page updated
12.8.2018 News & Showphotos
22.6.2018 News. (Showphotos later, Done!)
18.6.2018 Video, Finnish Winner 2015, Champion page
13.6.2018 Video page updated
22.4.2018 News
20.4.2018 News, showphotos
18.4.2018 Miisa's album updated
30.3.2018 Welcome to Finland, Lotnik Stepowy Goniec
27.3.2018 New pics of Saara
21.3.2018 New pics in Isis' 3rd page, Julia's 3rd page, Olivia's 4th page
4.3.2018 Prada's, Lizzie's & Buffy's albums updated, and Kirill's, Anni's, Fiona's & Boris' albums
28.2.2018 Prada's,  Miska's  & Cloud's Albums updated
18.2.2018 Updated photoalbums: Iisa, Juuso & Kajo
16.2.2018 Nukki's photoalbum updated
15.2.2018 Now it is official! Olivia is TOP BORZOI 2017 in Finland! -> News
13.2.2018 Iceman photoalbum updated
1.2.2018 Cindy's updated photoalbum
31.1.2018 Olivia's photoalbums updated, starts at 1st page
29.1.2018 Miisa's photoalbum updated, again 1.2.2018
25.1.2018 Isis' photoalbum updated, straight to Isis' 3rd page, and Sauli's
24.1.2018 Julia's photoalbum updated, go to Julia's 3rd page
23.1.2018 News, Showphotos, Puppies
21.1.2018 New Video Turku Winter Int show
14.1.2018 CIB Yegorov Morning Haze Album updated go straight to page3
7.1.2018 Today the last puppy going to his new home, has left us. Yegorov Cloudberry exported to United Kingdom,
all the best with him, and to all of his littermates as well! Lizzie stays home from this litter.
1.1.2018 Happy New Year to everybody!
I have updated News and added new showphotos, and also our Video list is updated!